Across the urban landscape we are confronted by myriad people, buildings, things, scenes. Our surroundings feel familiar, safe, ordinary, innocuous, but they are susceptible to changing interpretations, like the moods of the people with whom we anonymously intermingle. We can’t always decipher the true mood of these urban dwellers, and we are likewise often deceived by our surroundings.

The city in particular, with its infinite variety of sights, its shifting light and shadows, and its changing colors, shapes, and patterns, lends itself to multiple narratives relative to the same scene. At any given moment, depending on our frame of mind, or perhaps our angle of view, the time of day, or the quality of light, our interpretations change: these seemingly familiar, safe, ordinary encounters take on a potentially more uncertain, ambiguous, unsettling character. We can never be entirely sure that we are accurately interpreting the story behind what we are seeing.

“City Deception” explores the urban landscape to witness this darker narrative that emerges.

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