Although only 49 blocks in length, Tenth Avenue is one of Manhattan's major north-south corridors for commercial traffic, stretching from Horatio Street in the south to 59th Street in the north, where it becomes Amsterdam Avenue.

Comprising the neighborhoods of the Meatpacking District, Chelsea and Hell's Kitchen, this part of Manhattan was known historically for its working class and ethnically diverse population, city run housing projects, low-rise tenements and mixed industry, such as meatpacking plants, light manufacturing, mom and pop stores, gas stations and bars.  

However, after the successful opening of the popular High Line Park parallel to Tenth Avenue in 2009, developers began constructing modern glass condominiums, high-end restaurants, museums and hotels that sometimes clashed with and sometimes complemented these neighborhoods. 

Today, the new and the old co-exist, and "Tenth Avenue" surveys the visually diverse architectural streetscapes along this dynamic thoroughfare.

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